Specialist Equipment

To enable us to access difficult to reach areas on a variety of domestic buildings, we now have the facility to use our own MEP and drone camera. These additions now enable us to assess problem areas more accurately with the need for scaffold towers or roof ladders.

Roofing Installation and Maintenance Tonbridge

MEP / Cherry Picker

Enabling safe access to up to 20m, this truck mounted platform is ideal for addressing or assessing roofline issues requiring safe access without the disruption and inconvenience of scaffolding. Ideal for small repairs to gutters, fascia’s, soffits, vertical cladding etc.

Roofing Installation and Maintenance Tonbridge

Helicopter Drone Camera

Camera mounted, remote control helicopter drones are a piece of equipment finding use in roofing industries. For our team they're a very rapid way to get a detailed look at even the most inaccessible roof, or just to make surveys possible quickly in areas where the cherry picker is impractical. Unpacked and deployed in a matter of minutes they're an incredible tool for getting a look at your roof and capturing a high quality video for future reference.

Whatever your requirements for domestic roofing installation, maintenance or repair, put it in the hands of our specialists in Tonbridge; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our roofing team.